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The Life – Living The Spiritual Disciplines
The journey you are about to take on this six week course is one that will transform you more and more to be like Jesus. Enjoy!  As you grow to be more like Jesus, you'll find that your relationships are stronger, you have more inner peace than ever before, and you look forward to the [...]
Ladies Coffee and Chat
Ladies Coffee and Chat - meet new friends, laugh and be inspired! Looking for meaningful connections with like minded women across all ages? Join with ladies at Mounty every fortnight for a coffee & chat. Location: Mounty Church Time: Tuesday 9:30am - 11:30am Date: 2 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 March, 16 March, 30 March, 27 April, 11 [...]
Wellness Within
Want to find a safe environment of support for your mental health challenges without fear of judgement? Come and enjoy encouragement and help, where you can feel valued and accepted, with counsellor trained facilitation. WEDNESDAYS (FORTNIGHTLY), 9:30 -11:30AM 3 March, 17 March, 31 March, 21 April, 5 May, 19 May, 2 June, 16 June, 30 [...]
MOPS at Mounty
We invite you to come along and recharge your batteries mentally, physically and spiritually. Being a mama is hard work and we need to find moments to fill our cup, encourage others, learn from one another, be inspired and be nurtured to keep us thriving in our greatest ministry as mothers. There are child-minding facilities [...]
From the Desk – Suzanne Mitchelson
2 February 2021 We have a quick look at Psalm 97, and hear some of God's heart for His people. 2 September 2020 Hear a snippet from the desk of Connecting Pastor (Pastor Mum) Suzanne - Hear about our current pastoral team.     8 July 2020 Hear a snippet from the desk of Connecting [...]
From The Desk – Marcus Gordon
Hear something of our Worship Pastor's first meeting with Christ   Worship Pastor, Marcus Gordon, shares with us one of this favourite song.
Mission Update
Each week we will bring an update on each of the missions that we have been supporting. Jim and Lyn Dawson (WEC) For more infomation: WEC   Paul and Jenni Beadle For more infomation: Wyclife   Baptist World Aid For more information: Baptist World Aid   SERVE CAMBODIA & FELLOWSHIP OF HOPE For more information: [...]
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