Leadership Team

Meet the team

Senior Pastor, Dave Meldrum
Dave Meldrum began attending MountyChurch in 1985 as a new Christian, and developed a love for God’s church. In 1995 he was appointed senior pastor of MountyChurch. He is passionate about making the Bible and the church relevant to everyday life. Dave is married to Tess and has an adult daughter. His hobbies include fine food, the beach and fishing.
Executive Pastor, David Lee
David Lee is married with two children and has attended MountyChurch since 2010, being appointed to the Executive role in 2014. He has a background in architecture, business and photography, displaying his passions for management, creativity and food. David is committed to providing the church with creative strategy, balanced with high quality governance and organisation.
Worship Pastor, Marc "Gordo" Gordon
Gordo came to MountyChurch in 1998 and has been Worship Pastor since 2008. Gordo is married to Janet and he has been a professional musician for over 40 years. Gordo’s passion is to see the gift of music used to glorify God.
Connecting Pastor, Suzanne Mitchelson
Suzanne Mitchelson came to MountyChurch in 2006 through her children’s involvement in the vibrant youth program. A single mother of three adults, she was appointed to the role of Connecting Pastor in 2009, and relishes the opportunity to assist in building community through small groups and ministry teams throughout the church.
Youth Coordinator, Joel Dawson
Joel Dawson has been attending MountyChurch for most of his life, apart from some years in Cambodia while his family were on mission there. Newly married to Aimee and currently studying his Bachelor of Education. Joel has been our Youth Coordinator since 2017. His passion is to see young people form their identity in the truth and safety of God’s love.
Children’s Pastor, Juliette Smith
Juliette Smith has been at MountyChurch since 1996, and was appointed Children’s Pastor in 2010. Married to Andy, with two young children, Juliette has a background as a chef. She is passionate about providing a fresh program which helps children discover God’s design for their lives in fun, creative ways.
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