We seek to open the eyes of our congregation to the realities of the majority of the world, through videos and presentations in church as well as making a variety of opportunities available to go on short term mission trips.

We seek to bring physical and spiritual restoration to those suffering poverty and injustice in the world. We have always given a high priority to local and international missions, supporting a number of individuals and projects throughout the world.

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These are the missions which we are currently supporting:

Asha Bhawan (Betel), India
Asha Bhawan (translated as House of Hope) is run by Betel India. Betel is dedicated to restoring homeless and substance-dependent people to productive, independent lifestyles. This amazing ministry is reaching the lives of men and women, boys and girls throughout some of the most impoverished areas of the region. Mounty has assisted by providing new beds and vehicles to assist their work, and the establishment of a new centre in Moreh.


Child Sponsorship (Compassion Australia)
As a church we encourage the sponsoring of children through Compassion Australia.
Child Survival Programme (Compassion Australia), Thailand
We support the Ban Klang Child Survival Programme located in Huay-Ma Sang, near Chiang Rai of northern Thailand through Compassion Australia. Approximately 55 mothers and their children benefit from the programme with education, nutritional food and critical interventions. This community is a displaced people group which faces many disadvantages in life, but the next generation are getting the best opportunities thanks to the CSP.


Fellowship of Hope, Cambodia
Fellowship of Hope is a group of churches all around Cambodia. Since 2006 they have planted over 55 churches with local leadership. In addition they participate in prison ministry, sports outreach and a variety of other community evangelism. MountyChurch has supported these churches with resources for childrens ministry, music and the pastor.


Hope India Mission, India
Hope India Mission runs an orphanage and school for impoverished primary-aged children in Bangalore, India. Our children's weekly offering assists eight children to ensure they have an education, and provides four of them with safe housing. Hope India Mission also support small business loans for widows and the poor allowing them to create enough income for them to survive.


Kro Sas Baptist Church, Cambodia
Pastor Kunty and his family work in an area affectionately known as Kunty's Island (pronounced Gunty as in good), in the Kandal Province in Lvea Aem District, Cambodia. MountyChurch have supported a variety of programs, which includes emergency feeding, teachers for over 200 students, expansion of the kindergarten and other administrative support. 


Serve Cambodia
Serve Cambodia operates 3 education centres around Phnom Penh. They also provide skills-based training and other community development initiatives. MountyChurch supports teachers and associated staff in all 3 locations, providing no-cost education, uniforms, school supplies, dental and medical check ups and a daily meal for children in these very poor communities.


Lyn & Jim Dawson (WEC International)
We have supported Lyn and Jim Dawson who have worked for WEC International since 1979. They have worked in Thailand, Cambodia and are currently based in Melbourne, Victoria. Jim and Lyn are involved in teaching at the local Bible colleges and using their skills and experience to equip others for overseas mission work.


Jenni & Paul Beadle (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
We have supported Jenni and Paul Beadle who work with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1993 and are currently based in Chad, central Africa. Paul and Jenni are involved in the critical work of ensuring that people groups have the Bible in their own language.


Church service at Asha Bhawan, Betel, India
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