Christmas Gift

Each year we conduct a special Christmas Gift for a range of mission projects. The aim of our gift is to bring physical and spiritual restoration to those suffering poverty and injustice. The mission projects which we have been involved with over the past five years are listed below. If you would like more specific information, check our Missions page or Contact Us.

Christmas Gift last 5 years

  • Fellowship of Hope, Cambodia. Funding towards renewing 6 teachers for a year, and supporting the operating costs of their educational centres

 $ 36,283

 $ 58,141

 $ 73,576

  • For the second year we supported the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East, through Baptist World Aid, which joins with partners working to deliver emergency food supplies, shelter, and sanitation to the worst affect refugee communities.
  • International Justice Mission protects the poor from violence in the developing world. This year we continued to support IJM in Cebu, Philippines in mounting operations that investigate and rescue children who are being exploited in the cyber sex industry.
  • This year our focus in supporting Serve Cambodia and Fellowship of Hope in Cambodia was on supporting teachers and operation costs of their educational centres.
  • This year we were excited to support local ministry Alabaster Community Association, supporting women who wish to leave the sex industry in Perth. We supported Alabaster by providing the fit out of a house purposed for this, with furniture, appliances and necessary items.

$ 51,825

$ 38,783

$ 32,805


  • Support for income provision via goat farming and a sewing project, as well as providing health care needs for a medical outreach centre, through Serve Cambodia
  • The Kro Sas Baptist Church, working with RAW Impact, has opened SALT School in the impoverished area of Kunthy's Island, Cambodia. MountyChurch is supporting the operation cost supporting teachers, resources, and feeding program





  • Equipping the recently built school with teachers, support staff, educational resources and continuing the feeding program at SALT (Kunthy's Island), Cambodia
  • Help to resource those churches that are connected to our projects, enabling them to meet the spiritual needs of those coming to Christ

 $ 19,585

$ 45,055

 $ 8,630

 $ 40,655

$ 40,855 
  • Resourcing for one of the Light of Hope schools, through Fellowship of Hope, Cambodia, toward building a school in one of the poor rural villages, and providing a daily nutritious meal
  • Supporting the Kro Sas Baptist Church in educating local children, provide emergency medical care and a daily meal on Kunty's Island, Cambodia