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Jul19 19/07/2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Operation Encounter
MountyChurch (map)

Wednesdays 19th July until 9th August

This short four week course, offers an anthropological approach to building a relationship with a person who has no faith, assisting you to delve deeper each week into understanding who a person is, looking at:

- cultural behaviours; what do they do and how do they act?

- cultural values; what is considered good, best and why?

- cultural beliefs; what is official truth

- what they think is real beyond the physical world; their personal worldview

Come and explore ways of raising spiritual conversations with friends you'd love to talk with more deeply. 

Registration required by Sunday 16th July, either in person at the reception desk on a Sunday or over the phone during the office week (Mon-Thu).

Download the flyer for more information.